Extra Credits Shirt Design Competition


Hello there, wonderful people of the EC community!

Here at Extra Credits we are gearing up to finally lift the shutters on our web store, but we need your help!

We need your suggestions for the first shirt designs you’d love to see in our store, and by extension upon your bodies. Using all of the wonderful bits of original artwork found in the Extra Credits episodes as resources, or just inspiration, we want you to come up with shirt designs or concepts.

We will be accepting entries via email at competitions@extra-credits.net and feel free to post your entries in the forum thread for the community to see as well.

The competition will run for three weeks and end on the 1st of July, at this point we will select 10 finalists who will then be placed into a community vote. Following the community vote we will be left with 5 winners and their designs/concepts will be turned into the first shirt designs featured in the Extra Credits web store upon its opening.

Selected winners will receive a prize payment of $100 USD in exchange for their design/concept. Don’t worry, we won’t let our own team compete with you guys.

Entries should be at 300dpi with a size of up to 17.5″ x 19″. Initial entries via email should be provided in a suitable file format for emails, such as JPEG or PNG, and down-scaled to 72dpi.
Selected finalists will be required to provide a file format such as PSD or TIFF upon being selected. (Feel free to use services such as Dropbox or Box to share the files with us via email.)

Update: Sorry, completely forgot to mention that designs should be no more than 4 colours, as this is the specification given to us by the production team we are using.

Some resources to be used for the design, such as episode images and logos can be found in the following archive. Some extra screenshots can be found in this archive.

Thanks and enjoy designing~!

Recent Comments:

  • I really, really like the simple green ones with the tie. Unfortunatelly.... I just wear black. Mh.

    Want a dark version as an option? I'm sure we could swing it if it wins. ^^

    Let's wait for the voting, but if... yes... YES YEEES PLEASE : D

  • Bit of a touch-up. This is the final version that got submitted.

  • When can we expect to hear a little more? I'm dying to know which designs are up for vote!

  • When can we expect to hear a little more? I'm dying to know which designs are up for vote!

    Hopefully this week, I'm yet to make an announcement of finalists as I'm still waiting on some details from our production team, but the process is nearing completion now~

  • All of these look really good. Kind of makes me wish all the designs could come out in "Seasons", in the same way the episodes were catalogued on PA. Ah well, I'll cast my vote when the time comes :)

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