Extra Credits: Why Console Specs Don’t Matter

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  • You seemed to have forgotten another reason people discusses console specs: since most of the games our PC sees are console ports, better specs on the new consoles would mean better quality games on PC as well. :mrgreen:Show/Hide the rest of this comment...

    Green" />

  • the Vita dosen't count!

    The psp/Vita has no content, Before it was out of the box the psp was Neutered, the home brew apps were cut, the UMD's were useless, The FEW games were ok, not great but ok. there was little or less Direct advertising they got screwed by the Sony six way from Sunday and STILL have no content.

    The´╗┐ Vita just made it taller and touch. As a Old school Sony Fanboy this is just depressing.... I actually use my psp to play Pokemon because it is a better game. Just sad really.

    Dear Sony,
    We are still here! Please give us something dammit!

  • I'd say that the console specs have more impact on the PC scene then they do for console vs console.
    Devs are less likely to put effort into really nice graphics on the PC version of their game if they can't use them on the console version, at least sometimes. (Though fanboys are more likely to phrase it as "ZOMG TEH N00B CONSOLES ARE HOLDING GAEMING BACK!!1!," etc.)

  • Oh console wars... will you just die already? It feels weird that people are even still fighting over stuff like this, yeesh.

    I love going through the console war history, bringing up the NeoGeo, and how the Xbox was technically powerful but kept breaking down all the time. Good times...

    "Who wins the console wars?" It feels like there are only losers, since every system is bound to have their faults, not to mention what the fuck does it matter who "wins", and whats does "winning" entail anyway? Geez...

    I'm glad this video was made, we always need a reminder like this.

    lol, that picture of Woody! XD

    "No non-live voice overs" *picture of Game Grumps*

    FUCK YEAH, Game Grumps rocks! It's also interesting, because when I watch certain other Let's Plays, and even some of the Grumps own episodes, yeah, they do stuff live, but there's also a lot of editing involved, so yeah, that's a bit of a bad thing. Still, the fact that they literally play the game while talking into a micophone while on their couch, it feels a bit unconventional.

    Pulse... Well, there's another game I'll be keeping an eye out for.

  • Interestingly, though, I don't think WiiU is gonna do anywhere near as well as the next XBOX and PS4. Well, even if it does better than them, I don't believe the marigin will be as significant as with Wii and XBOX360/PS3. If I owned a Wii I don't think I would even consider getting WiiU. Anything it has to offer seem like shallow gimmicks compared to the motion control concept the previous box introduced. If WiiU gets some amazing games, then it might do ok, but if it's just the next Mario/Zelda/Metroid editions... hmm... actually I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see. But I don't feel nearly as optimistic as when Wii came out.

    That's the feeling I'm hoping most gamers have now. I've had it for years but I'm was/am getting tired of the millions of people that throw down hundreds of dollars on games and systems without even really putting any thought into it other then "OH! IT"S THE SHINEY NEW THING I WANT!" Then bitch on moan online about how companies need to change this or that to make their experiance better or for them to actually to want to use their console again. And my answer to them was always, "they already have your money so why give a damn?"

    I've seen it alittle with the WiiU and hopefully will see alot more of it after the launch of the next two systems. And that is consumers and gamers actually being mindful with their money and reseaching something and investing in it before they throw down their money. If the ps4 and Xbox 720/uspside down kickflip come out with the same kind of shovelware games that the WiiU mostly has I wouldn't buy it either. And I would tell my friends and my customers to not buy it either untill something worth a damn is on it.

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