Extra Credits: Western & Japanese RPGs (Part 3)

This week, we conclude our series on Western RPGs and JRPGs.

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  • The other games are NOT spinoffs

    Anyone who says as much might as well hand in there gaming badge

    Warning: troll post (I couldn't resist)

    In all seriousness, though, it's quite frankly an insult to Dan, James, and the Extra Curricular community as a whole to say that disagreeing with your opinion someone invalidates us as gamers. You are welcome to argue your point intelligently, academically, and even with a hint of condescension provided that it is tasteful and made in jest. But please refrain from presuming to know what opinions qualify someone to be a gamer or not. This forum exists in part to help prevent this kind of patronizing and exclusionary rhetoric in the gaming community so that the "gamer" figure in society can stop being synonymous with immaturity.

    And yes, I understand the irony of that last sentence. But what I can't resist, I can't resist.

  • This series was fanatic! This is such an interesting topic to me, I've become aware that there is a difference between western and JPRGs but I never thought too deeply about it. Perhaps I should have since our game is sort of in the middle. Really, this series was scaring me until the crew made a point to say that Breath of Death VII: The Beginning (or was it Cthulhu Saves the World?) was a western JRPG that did it right.

    What do you call a game that is heavily based off of classic JRPG game elements but is made in the states? Keeping in mind that a western developer would be without an understanding of Japanese culture.

  • Very informative, but I disagree with two things:
    1. Persona 4 actually takes inspiration from Jrpgs and Visual novels (Dating-sims actually) which is Very much a Japanese thing. I wouldn't call monster hunter a Wrpg either (I would argue that it isn't even an rpg) rather it seemed to have started it's own genre the monster hunting game. Think monster hunter, god eater, ragnarok odyssey, lord of apocalypse and the like and you know what type I'm talking about.

    2. Jrpgs don't always have menu based combat, under that logic then every time they try something new then it's automatically western-based. (Which isn't true)

  • I think the reason J-RPG declined is because developers and publishers are very slow to adapt and market the games into world wide. They prefer them only in Japanese. Compare to their American counterparts who move at high speed to market the games worldwide.

  • Well, there still are a lot of JRPGs being released... but they tend to be on handhelds instead of the main consoles. Personally I figured this was due to them being cheaper as RPGs, and as RPGs usually do not rely on having high specs, they can get away with this.

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