Extra Credits: Minority

This week, we conclude our little series about The Walking Dead's numerous strengths.

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  • Racist sentiments in the south are definitely less prominent than they used to be, but they are far from gone. Only a small subset of the population ever expresses that sentiment openly, but it surfaces in other, subtler ways. It's more of an underlying tension or mistrust, "othering" and so on.

    I doubt it's going away anytime soon.

  • Laini, I was asking from a more objective standpoint.

    Durakken, I'm sorry to hear that's been happening to you.

    SpaghettiWeegee, oh I don't disagree with you. As long as there are differences, there were also be diverse points of view. However I tend think the biggest causes of the issue are more about educational differences and speaking different than anything else.

    Pan, I don't want to go there right now.

    Dan, good point. I remember a point made in a rather progressive blog I follow about how difficult it is in this atmosphere to talk about racial or gender issues at all without ruffling feathers. So I suppose you have a point and the feelings are more passive aggressive these days.

  • You know, before I knew this was going to be part of talking about The Walking Dead, I thought this episode would talk about minority groups as a whole. I guess that kind of applies here, if only a little bit.

    Actually, I'm pretty sure Jim Sterling did an episode about something similar to this... Yeah, he talked about how kids in video games rely entirely on the fact that they're kids to try and earn our sympathies, and uses The Walking Dead as a good example of how to do this right!

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/ ... e-Children


    It's funny, kids are usually put into a game, movie, TV show, etc. for "kid appeal" which doesn't make sense to me. If I were a kid, I wouldn't want to be another kid, I'd want to be the awesome kick-ass hero!

    Also, I think Pit MIGHT be a teenager... He should be at LEAST that old, if not older, by Kid Icarus: Uprising.

    This is another good point, a lot of people talk down to kids like they don't know any better. I think that, while that might be true to some degree, I feel like they can just as easily handle stuff as adults, it just depends on the kid.

    OMG, I freaking love that picture with George W. Bush holding the crying baby, especially as Dan said "parenting can be tough". It's those movies that are the reason why Extra Credits can be so much fun to watch!

    Man, I feel like I really should play this game, but I'm so tight for cash at the moment...

  • To me it seemed like you eexplained as if they bonded you with the child the same way that any game whould bond you with anything. With them helping you like in halflife 2, bioshock infinate and well every other tag team in video games

  • You know, looking back at Legend of Mana, Bud and Lisa were at least good child characters, in that they really didn't get in the way, heck they are pretty good party members whom you can recruit pretty much any time.

    Back on it done Wrong, Mass Effect 3 (not gonna bring up the ending), [spoiler:4toehz23]In the Beginning we are introduced.....forcefully, to a little child, oh look at the little dickens, Then Attack, we see him again in the ventilation shaft, "Oh you can't help me, you know, Freaking Shepard, probably the only person on Earth i have a chance of surviving by sticking with, i'm gonna go run off to the Generic Soldiers", then we see him later "I got on the ship!" BOOM! hes dead, all of this in under an hour, and the player, as well as Shepard, are supposed to care about this random unnamed Child whom we know nothing about? No.

    Heck i kinda chuckled going "well, you could have gone with Shepard and lived, but noooo," This kid then haunts Shepard's mind for the story.........why? Why should i care? This kid has no place in the story, there was not reason for him to be there other than to emotionally sucker punch the audience (obviously it failed with me, for the very reason you stated in your video on how Gamers tend to view Kids in Video Games).[/spoiler:4toehz23]

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