Extra Credits: In Service to the Brand

This week, we discuss Bioshock Infinite and the problem with clinging to "the brand".

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  • Are you sure the violence DIDN'T have a point? maybe this guy can enlighten you on that:

  • The issue isn't "The violence", it is the way the violence plays out. It's impossible to sympathize with Booker's sorrow and regret over what he did at Wounded knee, when you are literally feeding live people to ravens and setting them on fire until they are piles of ashes. ALL THE TIME
    You can't empathize when you are between real human emotions and cartoonish levels of inhuman brutality goes on.
    Heck, there is even a time when the old general ask you to kill his soldiers, so they can die a good death. I doubt he had in mind that I have burning ravens eat their eyes.

    And please sum up and give credits, don't make us watch another person's video for the sake of your argument.

  • While i see your point i disagree that Bioshock infinite shouldn't have had vigor's i do like many of the points you made. From what i've heard the Vigors were meant to be stronger and were some how going to be linked to Elizabeth. You could tell from the 10min game play trailer released at E3 her powers were not so much about pulling things from other realities as it was more like she had a great deal of plasmids at her command.

    Another change they were planning on doing was making the Vigors have limited uses so they would become more like additional weaponry and not all draw the powers from salts. you can see some evidence of this is the carnival There is a vedning machines that lists a price for so many uses of the bucking bronco. This is also supported in that same event by that fact you can test it in a carnival game by which Booker drinks some and uses them at a few times and then loses his ability to do so. This would also explain why entire bottles of various vigor just give you more salts. I have studied this game quite a bit and would love to share more of my knowledge if your willing.

  • Yeah, I'm a necromancer, whatever...

    You know, this reminds me of Egoraptor's second Castlevania Sequelitis episode... though I personally thing his Sequelitis videos are bogus now that I've seen his actual skills at gaming and how they fail in the light of what he said gamers would do in these videos, but that's aside the point. the point is, in this video:


    He said that in Super Castlevania IV, they included weapons like the previous games, when they didn't need to, because the new and improved whip can get everything just fine. He says that doesn't make it a lesser game (in fact, he said the game was awesome, something JonTron seemed to no be about to grasp), but he posits the question why they included something when it wasn't necessary, just because it was in the previous games...

    That seems to be the subject here today.

    I'm also reminded of a video by MovieBob and how he divulged into why he liked the story:


    But he also admitted that the game had a lot of flaws, and I believe Vigors were one of them.

    Really, if BioShock Infinite was the first immediate sequel and not BioShock II, then I think all these issues wouldn't be a problem, because people weren't accustomed to what they expect out of BioShock.

    But yeah, I think what Egoraptor said in his Sequelitis video applies here, BioShock Infinite, like Super Castlevania IV, is "an ungraceful sequel".

  • The vigors were a big problem to bioshock infinite but it wasn't that they were there that made the game worse, it was the fact that they were all extremely weak compared to their counterparts in bioshocks one and two. The decision to give the player such weak powers and on top of that giving them a limited list with customization was where they went wrong.

    on top of that the outrageously limited and weak weapons made every combat drag on to the point of frustration and made each encounter more enraging rather then engaging. Shooters focal point is the joy of shooting an enemy dead, this is evident by the joy and history of both side scrolling and first person shooters that filled arcades. Players don't want every other enemy to take on ten shots before going down and only fight three per fight they, want ten enemies that each take one to two shots so they are able to feel powerful. the best examples of how they failed was in all the scripted handy man fights and the extremely long and frustration siren fight. These two enemy types will often take more rounds that you have available no matter how much you horde ammo, and even the supposed heavy duty weapons like the mini gun and rocket launcher do little to no damage to them. In both precious bioshocks big daddy's were not easy to kill, this much is true, but the customization of ammo such as armor piercing rounds and the ability to lay down traps ahead of time made it so these encounters could be managed with easy and even a great deal of fun. Even in bioshock 2 you are give moments to prep the area for attack whenever you ready your little sister to drain adam, and with the ability to hack made one feel cleaver as they turn their enemies to allies or turned their weapons against them. The simple truth of the matter is that Infinite is just not worthy of the name Bioshock, it shares none of the elements that made either of the first two fun or any of the unique features that separated the franchise form the rest of the media of first person shooters.

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