Extra Credits: In Service to the Brand

This week, we discuss Bioshock Infinite and the problem with clinging to "the brand".

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  • Story vs. Gameplay

    My initial thought about this video was to change the story line for the game play. What is more important? Story? Gameplay?

    The E3 trailer, as mentioned, shows changes to the gameplay.

    BioShock Infinite - Full 15-Minute E3 2011 Demons…: http://youtu.be/Nz9GNIBQD3E

    Assuming E3 showed an untainted version. It answers why looting and violence feel disconnected from the end product. First, the criminal aspect of Booker was stronger. Second, violence against the Vox Populi is a choice.

    Vigors, however, were not addressed. By using the story, how can vigors fit into Colombia? (There will be spoilers in my answer)

    The first question: What is Colombia's goal? We know that the Comstock wants to destroy, at least, New York. By changing vigors into a pure military tool most problems are fixable.

    Before this video the only dissonance I felt, was why Fink made vigors drinkable if it was so expensive. The combination of the need for positive public perception and power, could drive Comstock to force Fink's decision. Since, Comstock wants Colmbia to trust the military. (Alternativly, it could just help to prevent splicers).

    As a military tool it gives Comstock power towards his goals. Also, this explains why citizens are not using them. In the game this changes only where and how vigors are acquired.

    Further incorporating vigors, a black market of vigors/plasmids would be likely. This would cause the shanty town to have rapture-esk problems. The military would then hide the town's existence. This action emphasizing the importance of the public perception. The Vox could, depending on Dasiy, except or condem the use of vigors. All of this would help to highlight the different types of problems with Rapture's and Columbia's societies.

    I have more ideas of gameplay and story changes that would fix the problems that EC mentioned. One that lines up with the above is to get resourses from an increased amount of the blue police boxes. Replacing part of the need to loot.

    I want to know what you think is more important: Gameplay? Or Story? What or which would you change? And what are your solutions?

  • Apparently this episode of Extra Credits is not available anymore. Any particular reason or is it just a "forgotten one" of the transition from PA to your own channel ? :/

  • Thanks again maybe one could update the link of the first page ;)

  • I want to know what you think is more important: Gameplay? Or Story? What or which would you change? And what are your solutions?

    Assuming I can't say it depends on the target audience or whatnot, despite focusing probably more on story for my own games, I'd say gameplay is more important.

    A lot of people speed through the story and ignore it.

    In addition, if people don't enjoy the gameplay they may not play enough to see the whole story.
    People will also play a game with a lousy story or no story at all rather quickly if the gameplay is good.

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