Extra Credits: “God Does Not Play Dice”

This week, we address the rather large reaction to our previous episode.

Show Notes:

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Recent Comments:

  • Why not just lock the thread and be done with it?

    That would require faith in the moderating team. Apparently, this thread isn't big on "faith" as an abstract concept.

  • I thought George Michael said we gotta have faith.

  • I thought George Michael said we gotta have faith.

    But you'd have to have faith in George Michael first. And George Michael is a scientific fact, yo, he can't be faith-based at all.

  • Peregrin...

    I have no trouble with people claiming that the scientific method requires a degree of trust in the validity of certain axioms. If 'faith' is the word you want to use in place of trust there, that's something I will grudgingly accept. The point where I object, and the reason why my acceptance is grudging, comes when you (general you... or in this case specifically Dan and James) then try to leverage the fact that the word 'faith' in English can refer to various different, distinct concepts depending on context, into an argument that one meaning of the word being applicable means that an entirely different meaning of the same word must therefore also be applicable without any change in context.

    I'll say this again:

    Translated into Dutch, Dan and James' argument at the end of Religion in Games pt. 2 makes no [s:3ttouk63]fu[/s:3ttouk63]faithing sense whatsoever, because the 'faith' they talk about all throughout the two Religion in Games videos and the 'faith' they talk about at the end of the second video are two different (related, but distinct) concepts with different (related, but distinct) translations in Dutch. Anyone watching it would go 'Wait... Why are they talking about this now? They were talking about the other thing just a minute ago.'

    Which in turn makes the third video (Does not play dice) where, in translation, they would constantly be switching between two words and acting like they're the same word and essentially calling everyone who points out that they're using two different words a religion-hating kneejerk reactionary while repeating the same non-argument (non-argument by virtue of Dutch not having an equivalent word to 'Faith' that has both meanings to create confusion through a false equivalency) they made, only louder and longer really [s:3ttouk63]fu[/s:3ttouk63]faithing obnoxious.

    I agree that you can have faith and do science, I agree that science requires having faith in the validity of certain axioms. What I disagree with is the claim that this means science as a whole is based on faith.

    Translated into Dutch:

    I ben het er mee eens dat je kunt geloven en wetenschappelijk bezig kunt zijn, ik ben het er mee eens dat voor wetenschap een vertrouwen in de betrouwbaarheid van bepaalde axioms nodig is. Waar ik het niet mee eens ben is de bewering dat dit betekent dat wetenschap in zijn geheel gebaseerd is op geloof

    See the issue there?

  • C'mon, man, just let it go.

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