Extra Credits: Gamifying Education

This week, we offer some general examples for ways to improve education using game design techniques.

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  • Why are there no posts in this topic?! Well now there is one.
    I found a good video on how a teacher made his classroom into a Gamification tool, see the TED talk here.

  • People someone is doing it! They are asking for money on KS:classrealm We should help them make this!

  • Another non-profit site that's doing this is Khan Academy. So far they have ove 360 math modules that you can play and get points/earn badges for.
    There's also a video library of over 3k videos on various topics that you can view too + some awesome analytics that a teacher or student could use to learn more about their progress and sticking points.

    Definitely worth checking out.

  • I found this episode very interesting yet it seemed to focus on what a teacher can do to gamify education. I am not a teacher nor do I plan on becoming one. I am however a student and I want to know what I can do to gamify my own education. A response would be amazing but I understand this is a fairly unpopular topic on the forums.

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