Extra Credits: Gamifying Education

This week, we offer some general examples for ways to improve education using game design techniques.

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  • Why are there no posts in this topic?! Well now there is one.
    I found a good video on how a teacher made his classroom into a Gamification tool, see the TED talk here.

  • People someone is doing it! They are asking for money on KS:classrealm We should help them make this!

  • Another non-profit site that's doing this is Khan Academy. So far they have ove 360 math modules that you can play and get points/earn badges for.
    There's also a video library of over 3k videos on various topics that you can view too + some awesome analytics that a teacher or student could use to learn more about their progress and sticking points.

    Definitely worth checking out.

  • I found this episode very interesting yet it seemed to focus on what a teacher can do to gamify education. I am not a teacher nor do I plan on becoming one. I am however a student and I want to know what I can do to gamify my own education. A response would be amazing but I understand this is a fairly unpopular topic on the forums.

  • *Gasp* Had to dig to find this one, and I felt this was the place that made the most sense for this post.

    A couple weeks back, a friend was over, and we decided to watch a movie we'd rented (Mr Peabody for those who were wondering) and prior to this, we'd been discussing the education system here in 'Mrca and what might be done about its pathetic state. I had mentioned the trio of videos (An End to Fear, Responsive Learning, and 21st Century skills) and was actually surprised to not see the Education system videos not have their own little subsection on the YouTube channel. Was kinda wondering why, though I have a few guesses, but it was a pretty great feeling opening to others a few ideas on how to fix that mess of a system. It only takes a few to realize there's a problem for solutions to not only form, but start getting implemented. "Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

    [spoiler:orp32jxu]Just as an aside, my sibling mentioned that it was a testament to the EC crew that we'd watch something like that before kicking back for a movie ;P[/spoiler:orp32jxu]

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