Extra Credits: Games You Might Not Have Tried #6

This week, we bring you a fresh batch of interesting games worth checking out.

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Recent Comments:

  • 1. You like minecraft... TRY STARMADE!!!!!! Nuff said
    2. Like space games try any of the Shellcore Command the episodes have story and skirmish is just fun

  • Titans Attack, A game by Puppydog games. Think Space invaders on crack

    Overlord/Overlord II, A Fantasy RPG where you play the Villain controlling minions like Pikman, The game has a light humor to it especially from your minions

  • Red alert 2? anyone? the Command and conquer game that came out near 14 years ago? yeah, thats some real good game play. awesome game flow, nearly no bugs, (except maps :P) user made mods and maps just popping out everywhere, some are really nicely done too. cut-scene are awesome in a comical way, relieve the player after a battle and give more info for the next blood path they have to fight through. story line is wacky to the extreme. kill Einstein, chrono teleport your troops into the heart of the enemy base and the levels where you only have limited units and resources. i find myself return to it plays after plays and still surprised the different strategy you can approach the goal. i haven't have so much fun playing other RTS than this one, there is no too in depth game play, just straight on fun. crushing your enemy with waves of tanks, soldiers or carpet bomb'em with planes. using your troops to the max is also fun, repelling wave after wave of enemy attacks, challenge friend to a duel and see who is the winner. UGH! SOO MUCH FUN!

    i think i ramble enough about it XD. all in all! i wish EA haven't screw up the game and dismiss WestWoods studio, i miss those guys. (i feel old, everyone i ask about it reply with 'what is that?' i feel so out of place. :<)

  • Who is this "Other Dan?" No answer? Eh...

    1.) Cart Life... Aww man... That sounds like such an interesting concept... Totally want to check that one out!

    2.) Papers, Please, oh man, I heard about this from Yahtzee on Zero Punctuation, and I couldn't believe there was actually a game like this! Good Golly, I want to check it out!

    3.) Crimson Shroud, thankfully someone on YouTube posted comments on where you can get these games, and this one's one the 3DS, so hopefully I'll look into it sometime...

    4.) Eador Genesis, this looks pretty complicated. MIGHT check it out, but not high on my list.

    5.) Etrian Odyssey IV, I think I heard about this through a Nintendo Direct, and it looks intriguing to say the least.

    6.) Guns of Icarus Online, it looks interesting, though if it's always in the first-person, that might damper my interest...

    7.) Rogue Legacy, dude I've seen Arin (Egoraptor) and Ross (RubberNinja)'s playthrough of this on Steam Train (spin-off of Game Grumps) and it just looks so cool, I want it!!!

    8.) Warframe, eh, doesn't seem like my kind of thing...

    9.) Sifteo Cubes... wait, what?! What are these?! Where can I get them?!

  • Here is some suggestions for next episode:
    1. DEFCON (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEFCON_%28video_game%29) - strategy about nuclear war, where your goal is to kill as many enemy citizens and save yours as you can. Very simple, yet make you think a lot (like in one of your episodes about missle command). You can get it on steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/1520/) or GOG (http://www.gog.com/game/defcon).

    2. Space Rangers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Rang ... Dominators). Not a big matter 1 or 2, although is easier to start with second. There is a HD remake of it currenly availible on steam, but there were made a lot of changes, that I heard broke balance, so I recomend first ones. It is a game WITHOUT you being hero. There you just another ranger, one of many who joined rangers to save galaxy. There are many ways to live in this game (be warrior fighting for galaxy, trader who makes money on everything, pirate who don't care about anyone but himself). Game have unique AI, world is live in this game, for example you bought some goods on one planet and plan to sell them on other planet to gain profit, but when you get to other planet you see other ship who already sold same goods and when you land you see that you might not get any profit or you could get robbed by pirate on your way to planet. And there a lot more depth to this game than it looks. It also have great text adventures and planetary battles. This is THE BEST russian game ever made. Try to find it on some torrents, developers removed protection themselves and you can with clear —Āonscience download it for free, it is not a piracy (search for link yourselves, I am russian so google don't give me any links to english version). Search for Space Rangers 2 Dominators Reboot (a little addon that give few new equipment types, ships and abillity to play text adventures and planetary battles from game menu).
    3. King's bounty (new ones: the legend, armored princess, crossworlds, warriors of the north) - also developed by russian developers. Very good games if you like Heroes of might and magic style battles, but don't like whole city building and other resourse oriented gameplay (although gold is still matter). Go get it on steam or GOG, it will easely take A LOT of your time giving you EVEN MORE fun (I spend over 40+ hours in KB: the legend and still haven't completed it once, but I don't rush and explore a lot).

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