Extra Credits: Games You Might Not Have Tried #5

This week, we list off a few more interesting games you may not have looked into yet.

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  • Not sure what you mean about the Mirror's Edge or Assassin's Creed thing?
    I mean you climb but it's more like traditional climbing like in Uncharted or something, not parkour.

    The game is ropey as hell and if you ask me those are bad American voice actors doing bad European accents but for the right price it's worth it.
    The water dynamics are certainly very cool.

    Yeah, the climbing, balancing, etc. It's a little more high intensity then AC because of the nature of what's going on and where you are. It's not like in AC you have all day to shimmy up this big 'Ol tower over there.

    It's only 400 MS points so I think it's like 5 bucks maybe? It's worth it for me to at least experience it. Hell I'm one of the people that think Dark Sector was actually a good game overall.

  • Oh yeah the balancing stuff. Well in AC you didn't have any of that anyway. You held down RT and forward :P

    For $5 it's probably worth it, you'll have some fun with it, especially if you are liking the demo.

    I got the PC version which fixed some stuff, not sure if they went back and did anything with the 360 one though.

  • Dragonbox. Pretty much algebra disguised as a puzzle game.

    We're definitely not in it's target demographic, but it seems like a solid way of introducing basic algebra to kids a good 5-7 years before school would do...

  • Ambrosia software made some realy interesting games that no one has ever heard of because they were made for mac.

    2 such titles are
    Handsome Harry, a game where you fight off an alien invasion with a staple gun while you roll around in a swivel chair

    and Escape velocity
    A game they eventually ported to PC that allowed you to experience a story as the pilot of a starship trying to make their way as a trader. Think Serenity with more guns.

  • I recommend and encourage The Binding of Isaac. I didn't have fun, but I was heavily engaged, and it's cheap!


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