Extra Credits: Funding XCOM (Part 2)

This week, we conclude our musings on the need for a real XCOM program.

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  • The more I think about this, the more I feel that we are ignoring a crucial section about the development of sentient life. If modern heavily researched science fiction is to be believed, there is more to human consciousness than just the biology of it. After all, chimpanzees and the like have had just as long as we have had to develop sentience, and yet they still fall short of human capabilities. Neuroscience tells us there is not much genetic or even developmental difference between a chimp's brain and a human brain, so there must be more behind it. A commonly suggested solution to this is that human consciousness is truly quantum in nature, and thus is unobservable by modern science. If this turns out to be true, the drake equation could be grossly underestimating how long it takes for sentient life to appear.

    Perhaps we truly are an anomaly. Not that we are unique in the entire universe, but perhaps what sentient life actually managed to develop before us is far too far away for us to even see them. Sure there's probably other life in our galaxy, and even within a reasonable distance from us, but the fact for that life to have been able to develop sentience and make it all the way over here would be incredibly unlikely. Just a thought.

    Another thought is that the Sun is like an infinitesimal speck to the universe. The tiniest atom in a grain of sand that is our galaxy, on the vast desert of the universe. For a species that could potentially colonize the universe, who's to say our galaxy is special. Why colonize our grain of sand just because it has one atom of gold in it when you could colonize another one that is made entirely of it. In other words, perhaps we're just not worth noticing.

  • This just clicked... I think I know something that could stop expansion of a culture other than extinction.

    So with neuroscience, nanotech, cognitive science and the like assuming we don't kill ourselves in the near future we can expect to have 1. Robotic brains more capable than human ones. 2. Cyborg brains. 3. Matrix technology. 4. A full understanding of the universe through simulations.

    Now... Add that all together you get the ability to do anything anywhere knowing most things without out actually fucking up the actual universe, infinite reset buttons etc etc. Iuno... Eternal energy. Robots taking care of other things. Seems kinda reasonable no? And those who want to kill themselves can just power down for a while and maybe be woken up in the future with a power switch to see if they wana keep on living or check on progress.

    Now this universe isn't really infinite at all times, the two kinda conflict but with that simulation tech anyone can visit any part of the universe at any time under any circumstances and not even be restricted to this universe not to mention all the fictional worlds.

    With this... Basically reality becomes obsolete no? O-O possibly? maybe? Iuno... Just throwing it out there... Since this is gaming and gaming is sorta virtual reality and simulation and ... yea... Ironic no?

  • Late to the party, but here's this.


  • About the question: Should we be funding XCOM? I'd say yes, but a surprisingly large amount of people don't seem to be that interested in space exploration or anything having to do with space. Like this video MovieBob did a LONG while back:

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/ ... The-Future

    Really, I'm going to agree with Bob, I feel that space is the way of the future, it's part of our natural progression, though I might be a little biased, having an uncle/Godfather who spent most of his life training to be an astronaut, and recently moved to Russia because the Space Shuttle program was cancelled.

    But... yeah, where ARE they? A lot of us, including myself, tend to forget that we're relatively young in the grand scheme of the universe... So if there IS intelligent life out there, what hasn't it reached this far yet? What are the odds of that?

    Actually, the fact that "lack of interest over interstellar colonization" is a reason seems reminiscent of our reasoning why some of us aren't bothering to look further into space exploration. Gosh, there's just so many factors and variables to consider with this kind of thing. AGAIN WITH THE MATH!!!

    You know, when it comes to keeping secrets, I keep thinking of how Disney managed to hide something as big as buying the rights to Star Wars and making 3 new Star Wars movies under the lid for so long, so maybe the Government CAN keep a secret that big under wraps.

    These kinds of videos are fun to watch!

  • [youtube:1wjtvpb8]yNLdblFQqsw[/youtube:1wjtvpb8]

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