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This week, we discuss two fundamental game design principles (the ones in the title).

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  • This video reminds me of how much I love Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, because of how unique and different each chapter is, and how each of them has a different "feel" to them. It's probably my all-time favorite game for that reason.

    Also, even though I don't like first-person shooters, I feel like just by watching that mission from Modern Warfare, bit-by-bit, was very entertaining. By contrast, I heard about how the game keeps switching between different ways to play from Yahtzee's review of the game, and looking at it, it just feels crazy!

    lol, Call of WarioWare! XD

  • Note also MW2 differences in kind:
    --- the first level
    --- you start at trench, there are only 3 points of entry for the enemies, they are black siloettes on white background, there are only 3 points-of-entry for the enemies (2 stairs, 1 bridge), you can duck anyway at the riverbank, and no enemy can get close to you to melee
    --- you then ride a jeep
    --- you then naviagate thin school hallways and alleyways
    --- pretty much all shooting, no walking at all

    --- the second level
    --- traversing a cliff
    --- then picking off blind enemies with a sniper and heart beat sensor
    --- then riding a snow mobile
    --- pretty much all moving, no shooting at all

    --- the third level
    --- now practice it all on targets that don't shoot back

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  • Note also MW2 differences in kind:

    Yeah, that's one of the things that make the campaigns for those series such enjoyable blockbuster action games.

    Honestly though, in all my time gaming, the game that I've played that's most made me go "Woah.

    This is differences in kind exemplified" was Sleeping Dogs, with it's brawler fistfights, third person gunplay, GTA car action, and... karaoke?

  • Pandemic Legacy spoilers follow: (Yes. That is 'there are spoilers for a board game in this post'. Legacy is a trippy mechanic)

    I'm up to May if you're playing a campaign of it yourself, and even if you aren't and have no intention of doing, I'd suggest watching the spoileriffic playthrough videos on The Dice Tower so you can see how it unfolds for yourself up to that point

    [spoiler:9axeh41c]For me, when C0dA showed up in January, it felt like a difference in scale; harder to treat, but still treatable, though uncureable (which actually caused us to win since that changes the goal from finding the cure to four diseases to finding the cure to three. Not sure what difficulty difference it actually makes, we were just able to get three cures found quick.). The Difference In Kind response I got to it was in February, since then it became untreatable, meaning the only way of dealing with it, Events notwithstanding, was the quarantine action that I think is introduced in Feburary along side it becoming untreatable. And then in April when C0dA mutates into a zombie outbreak and quarantining still works, but any outbreaks of C0dA into non-C0dA cities turns them into c0dA cities, the cubes are replaced by zombie figures, and your characters start taking Scars from starting turns in cities with zombies (For those who are reading this despite not playing Pandemic Legacy up to that point, a Scar is a Negative Character Ability that a character has to take under certain situations. Characters have two slots for Scars, Scars are permanent throughout the campaign (represented by permanent stickers) and if they'd need to take a third Scar they die, and you destroy their character card.)[/spoiler:9axeh41c]

  • Pandemic Legacy spoi

    Thank you, have an internet cookie!

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