Extra Credits: Balancing for Skill

This week, we talk about the factor of player skill when balancing multiplayer games.

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  • Planet Side 2 is perhaps the worst game for balance i have ever seen..

    Seems pretty well-balanced to me. Only thing I'd like is if it were actually practical to unlock new weapons without having to buy store credit or get boosters and stuff. 1000 CPs to unlock a shotgun? You gotta be shitting me...

    Then you didn't very much listen to the episode when the very thing that happens in PS2 is what is said to be bad balancing by the video.

  • Then you didn't very much listen to the episode when the very thing that happens in PS2 is what is said to be bad balancing by the video.

    No, I just disagree with their definitions of good and bad balancing. As I've said in earlier posts, I'm not convinced putting in mechanics to allow newbies to plow through parts of the game without knowing anything about it is at all positive or good, and I disagree that it's possible to have a "noob tube" mechanic without it also becoming an optimal first order strategy.

  • Actually board games are going through a bit of a revival period. As was listed many were coming from German but that is changing. Just look at how many board games are on Kickstarter.

    Custom games are being made due to sites like Game Crafter https://www.thegamecrafter.com/

    Quinns from Shut Up and Sit Down (a board game site gives a small lecture here)

    I'd more say that there's a huge indie-boardgame sector now that didn't used to exist, rather than a board game revival (iirc there's been a steady growth for the board games getting published and distributed in the english language over the past 10-15 years, which is a bit too much of a sustained growth for me to consider it a revival), which is still interesting to see, really. To a certain extent indie has always been with video games - bedroom coders in the 80s distributing their games on magnetic tape via mags and computer fairs, 90s and early 00s share/crippleware, 00s saw actual infrastructure to support the indie sector grow, but... Indie board games? On an actual scale that can actually be seen rather than those print on demand games you sometimes saw in pdf form? Fascinating to see.

    Once 3D technology becomes more common it will be even easier.

    Since Staples is apparently going to be getting in store 3D printing that's really going to be pushing it into the fore.

  • Oh man, if I actually had money, I'd by the crap out of the stuff on FanGamer.net!

    Oh crap, now you just brought math into this, this is going to get confusing. Balance in a game has always been something that's alluded me, since like I said, I almost never play multiplayer, so very rarely do I see if something is truly broken or unbalanced...

    It's interesting how you bring up Street Fighter as an example, because I was thinking of Super Smash Bros. Now, I'm aware that tiers exist, though I have trouble truly figuring them out. I realize there ARE characters who have certain advantages over other characters, though I have a policy of thinking that ALL the characters can be good, in the hands of the right player, it's just a matter of the learning curve to using that character. Though I kind of doubt that the moves in Super Smash Bros. have the same kind of balance compared to Street Fighter, especially since the creators of Super Smash Bros. INSIST on making the game a total, unpredictable free-for-all. Lest we forget... tripping. Ugh.

    OH, FOO strategies, I remember Dan talking about this in an earlier episode! I feel like I ran into the problem of not utilizing skills I was supposed to pick up on in certain games... Though I can't remember where.

  • There will always be tier lists. Even Guilty Gear has tier lists. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 certainly has tier lists (Morrigan/Doom + choice of anchor FTW. Chris G may have the single best team in the game. MorriDoom->Vergil. Burn your XF on Morrigan? Dark Vergil cleans you up). It doesn't mean a D-tier can't win against an S+ tier, it just means that the player playing the D-tier has to do a lot more work to win.

    SSBM has tiers. SSBB has even more set-in-stone tiers since the game has few comeback mechanics.

    See, that's the problem with balancing a game for "casual" play, or rather, not making it tourney viable. Because once people figure out who the abusive characters are, the casuals will get stomped EVEN HARDER.

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